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Make your vehicles a priority with our VIP Membership plan. Leo & Son Garage has been listening to our customers who want make sure they get the best in class experience possible. We will have custom reporting on your vehicle and an actual human reach out to you and book factory recommended maintenance, plus give access to extra values (oil changes, gas mileage efficiency services, balancing and alignments, etc), and ensure you get priority in appointment booking times and have parts in stock to minimize waiting times.

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Priority Scheduling

Know before you go. Have Leo & Son Garage have everything ready for you parts, labors and experienced techs ready to give you the best service possible without the wait times.

Discounted Services

Have an oil change on us. Get on-going discounts and specials ahead of time. Enjoy perks of savings paying for your VIP Membership each year.

Preventive Maintenance

Have full detailed reporting on your cars health. We will have our diagnostics, factory recommendations and long-term repairs emailed to you after each visit. We can set you up with a more comprehensive schedule of maintenance to prevent expensive repairs from happening. Keeping fluids full, tune-ups, replace belts, hoses and alignment/balancing of tires more regularly will give a major return on investment.


Sleep well at night knowing you have a team of experts that are keeping your family and business safe on the road. We have all the top of the line diagnostic equipment and techs that have decades of experience ensuring that your vehicle is safe for various weather, stop and go driving, trips up to the mountains and those upcoming road trips. We are family!

Are there more plans?

Yes, we have auto maintenance plan for businesses. Our auto fleet services plan is perfect for those with multiple vehicles to 100’s of vehicles in their fleet that are located in Greater Long Beach, Orange County of Los Angeles Counties.

Plan Discounts

Start saving with your first service and get significant specials on-going. Inquire here.

Affordable Pricing

We have plans for single car and multiple car owners




1 car

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Up to 2 cars




Up to 3 cars

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