We'll give you full visibility on your automotive fleet services and repairs.

Save money and more importantly time with Leo & Sons automotive fleet services. You’ll be able to have your fleet of trucks, cars, vans or hybrids get serviced for oil changes and know that our Certified Techs will inspect the entire vehicle for preventive maintenance: tires, alignment, and have the parts on site to make important repairs. Make more money with you vehicles on the road longer, keep drivers safe and save immediately with our B2B automotive fleet service plan.

Why our fleet clients love us?

Leo & Sons Garage is located in Bellflower, California right off the 91 freeway. Conveniently, in the corridor (between 605, 710, 405, 105 freeways) between Los Angeles and Orange County for a reason. Most businesses need service in transit. We know the  importance of keeping your fleet running smooth and efficiently.  We have a preventive maintenance program that will exceed your needs and show you a healthy ROI.

• Fleet credit card processing and monthly, quarterly and annual preventive maintenance schedules with billing programs to help cashflow

• Fast service — most repairs and maintenance is done on the same day

  • We’ll help you stay ahead of repairs with our preventive maintenance reporting. We’ll have parts in stock for no delays.
  • National Warranty and National Roadside Assistance (Learn More)
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Fleet Auto Repair
  • Tires and Alignment
  • Brakes and Rotors
  • Engine Replace or Rebuild
  • Clutch and Transmission Replacements
  • AC Repair
Auto Fleet Parts
Auto Fleet Maintenance
  • Oil Changes
  • Smog Checks
  • Wheel Balance and Alignment
  • Fluid Maintenance
  • Tune-ups
Executive Fleet Services
  • C-level Executive Vehicles
  • Towing Service  
  • Import Vehicles
  • Manufacturers Warranty Schedule
  • Brake and Oil Changes

Keep your fleet safe and on the road today

Have full visibility on your vehicles

Get Visibility On Your Fleet Vehicles

Executive Fleet

C-Level Vehicles

Fleet Repair

Parts in stock (no waiting)

Preventive Maintenance

Efficient and Significant Savings

Fleet Visibility

Safe vehicles = safe employees

How to save with Fleet Repair Services

When does it make sense to start using fleet services for my business?

Leo & Son Garage is centrally located in Bellflower. Perfect for businesses located in Greater Long Beach, North Orange County or Los Angeles area that service or drive by us on service calls. Your business vehicles are a prime candidate if they are subject to being driven much more than a privately owned vehicles (one or more vehicle, significant payoff as your fleet is gets in the 10-100 range). Auto fleet vehicles are likely to accrue high mileage, operate under higher stress and subject to high level of wear and tear. Our specialists will make sure that your vehicles are on the road, running smoothly and maintained to prevent future repairs.

Leo & Sons Garage services all makes and models for any type of repair or service, gas or diesel engines and our technicians are certified to perform inspections.

Do you have a warranty on parts and labor?

Yes, all our fleet repairs are backed by a 12-month / 12,000 mile warranty to give you peace of mind that your vehicles are reliable on the road.

Can we customize our preventive maintenance services for our business?

We perform maintenance on vehicles based on age, mileage and use of vehicle because each fleet has specific needs.

For example, some vehicles in your fleet might need brakes flushed, while others might not, Leo & Sons Garage tailors your fleet maintenance for your specific business needs.

What are the benefits to fleet services?

Have your own fleet manager take care of all your vehicles so you don’t have to. See maintenance reports, inspections and preventive maintenance schedules ahead of time. In addition, Leo & Sons Garage will have all your parts in stock before you have any repairs and services for quickest services possible. Have a trusted source to keep your fleet on the road longer and keep your team safe.

Do you take credit card?

Yes, we take credit cards for fleet maintenance services. Be able to control your cashflow and extend an additional 30-days with merchant services.

Who will we be dealing with?

We will have designated fleet account manager that will help keep you accountable and stay ahead of potential repairs to keep your vehicles on the road.


You’ll have a designated account manager for your fleet that will get to know your vehicles, keep you updated on preventive maintenance and help on-board new vehicles as you expand your business.

Managing Your Account

How will I track maintenance on our vehicles?

A fleet account manager will oversee your maintenance progress and update you with notifications via our digital repair reports. Being in our fleet maintenance system will allow us to stay ahead of your vehicles general maintenance and ensure we have future parts in stock.

How do I add a vehicle from our account?

Congratulations! You’re business is growing and you need to scale. It’s super easy, just keep your fleet account manager updated and we will get your new vehicle into our system and get that vehicle into the rotation to ensure safety, savings and preventive maintenance.

Can I send more than one vehicle in for service at a time?

Absolutely, we can accommodate multiple vehicles at the same time.

We do appreciate a heads up, as we provide a safe place to park your vehicles. For end of day drop-offs please contact us as we need to coordinate for overnight deliveries.